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Daddy's Business Philosophy

A lot of people are surprised that this kind of company exists. One of the most frequent questions I get is "Is this real?" I think a lot of people struggle with the idea that mundane tasks and erotic entertainment can be combined in a professional manner. But here we are!

I leverage my cleaning industry experience, business acumen, and photographer's eye to ensure the customers of Tidy Whities get serviced the right way: with attention to detail, partial nudity, and a bit of, er, cheeky humor. This world is too wild to take too many things seriously.

Just as important to me as customer satisfaction is the success of the guys I work with. I believe in the motivating power of autonomy--if we have the ability to choose and allow that space for others, our goals become that much more achievable as individuals and as a community. Brief Boys are all well-paid, not because I want to bribe them into sticking around, but because I want them empowered to do what it is they would choose. And if as they work towards their goals--most of my guys are in school, are actors, and/or are building their own small businesses--they choose to stick around and do this thing, all the better that their needs are met so it can be a joyful experience for everyone involved.

Who is Daddy, really?

While personal information about the Brief Boys is kept confidential for their safety and comfort, just as customer information is kept confidential, Daddy is an open book!

My given name is JP, or John-Paul if I'm in trouble, Pelletier. I live in Minneapolis with my Standard Poodle, Henry. I am a graduate of the University of Rochester with degrees in Industrial Psychology, English, and Photography. (I didn't go to college until I was 30, so I figured, what the hell, take all the classes.)

In my free time, I am a fine art photographer, a playwright, a burlesque performer, and a gamer.

About Daddy

Daddy--you can call me JP if you really want (or stick with Daddy if you really, really want, I do get a kick out of it)--started this company after searching high and low (...Craigslist) for a cleaner who'd come and do the deed in his underwear. What few hard-to-find options existed out there were better suited to a seafood meal--fishy and flaky--than a professional service. 

I have an educational and professional history in Industrial Psychology and change management, so it's in my nature to, er, fill an entrepreneurial vacuum. My family owned a state-wide cleaning company, so I had the tools (well, this is maybe not what my mother had in mind when imparting her business wisdom. Hi mom!). After surviving cancer, LIKE A BOSS, my personal philosophy crystallized into something like: fuck it! Help people! Learn things! Build and change!
So here we are: funny (?) add-on titles, awesome guys doing a lot while wearing very little, and a few sparks of joy here and there while we all get the job done.


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