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Scrub-A-Dub (+$25 per shower/ tub)

Your Brief Boy cleans the shower...with the shower on.
This is a flat fee per shower/ bath.


Dust Ruffle (+$25 per room)

Your Brief Boy will dust the room (or rooms) you designate...with the underwear he was just wearing.

The price for this is per room.


Who's the boss? (+$50/hr)


This add-on involves a pairing up with Daddy. The Brief Boy selected under this add-on will get bossed around by Daddy. Perfect for the cleaning service, or the packing/ unpacking and furniture assembly services!

The price here is per hour.

NOTE: for safety reasons, customers may not be "the boss." This add-on applies to Brief Boys and Daddy only.

twerk while you work (+$10 per song)


Your Brief Boy will dance like no one's watching...except you'll be watching.

The price is per song.

Daddy's Home. (+$35 flat fee)

If you select this add-on for your Brief Boy, it means he's got a surprise visit from Daddy in store during his service. Daddy will arrive at some point and inspect his work. Your Brief Boy will be punished or rewarded accordingly.


Wax On, Wax Off (+8/ Bath, $25/Any Other rm)

Your Brief Boy will ensure your floor is shining by getting down on his hands and knees to do it the right way.

Special (+$Varies)

Contact Daddy for any special requests.

All add-ons occur during the course of your service. Fees are in addition to the hourly rate for that service.

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