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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will you actually clean my home or is this novelty entertainment?

A: We actually clean! And pack! And assemble furniture! And organize! Our Brief Boys are all trained cleaners, backed by liability insurance. Keep in mind this is a per hour service. Your Brief Boys will clean (etc.) within the timeframe paid for. Please be specific with what rooms/ items are a priority.

Q: Is this an escort service?

A: No. This is a cleaning and entertainment service. All available services are listed. No sex, massages, or inappropriate touching is allowed or tolerated. Do NOT ask for sexual favors or sex from our cleaners or any of our staff. Doing so will forfeit your service and entire payment. We are not an escort agency, and encourage you to partake in the many other options available in New York City if that is your desired service.

Q: How do I pay?

A: We accept payment and deposits in the form of PayPal, Venmo, or Cash. First-time customers must pay online in advance.
Cash is accepted in full upon arrival. When your Brief Boy arrives, please give him full cash payment in an unsealed envelope without his having to ask, No checks please!

Q: Should I tip?

A: Tipping is, of course, welcome but not expected. You may tip your Brief Boy with cash or have this added to your invoice.

Q: What information do you require?

A: We require some basic information in order to ensure proper billing and safety. A name and address is necessary for us to come to your location. A phone number provides us a way to contact you immediately if necessary, in the event your Brief Boy is running a few minutes late or to chat about a special request. Your information is 100% confidential.
When your Brief Boy arrives, they will ask to see a valid photo ID. If no photo ID is available, or your photo ID does not match your given name, they will be instructed to leave.

Q: Do you provide the cleaning supplies?

A: Everyone has different wants and needs for their cleaning supplies, so cleaning supplies must be provided by the customer. After arrival, if needed, your Brief Boy will be happy to go buy necessary supplies for you to keep, and you will be charged at cost. Travel and shopping time are included in the hourly rate.

Q: Will you do more than clean for me, will you do anything I ask?

A: Our Brief Boys will clean and entertain. Our gents will be friendly, fun, social, and considerate in an effort to make this a positive experience that you will want to repeat. Please keep in mind that our guys reserve the right to refuse any request that may seem offensive, rude, awkward, insulting, embarrassing, illegal, harmful or demeaning, etc. If a Brief Boy feels their safety is threatened, they will leave immediately, forfeiting your service and payment.

Q: Is my payment refundable?

A: If your Brief Boy has to cancel your appointment, your deposit or payment will be refunded in full. Other situations fall under our cancellation policy found here, as well as in the terms you agree to at purchase.

Q: May I take photos or video?

A: No, this is not allowed and if violated your service will be terminated with no refund.

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