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Application Process

Q: How do I apply?

A: The application process for Tidy Whities begins with this Independent Contractor Interest form. If you're a good fit for the Brief Boys team, I will email you within 48 hours to set up a photoshoot in the near future.

Q: What are the steps after the interest form?

A: 1) You'll complete a survey that details the services you will offer, and the necessary information for your profile

2) The promotional photoshoot occurs (I'm a professional photographer), and 2-3 days after you will receive a Google form that includes all of the photos, and asks if you approve each one individually.

3) You will receive an electronic copy of Tidy Whities' policies & procedures, as well as your individual contract. These do not need to be printed out by you, just reviewed.

4) Once all of these items are completed, you are ready to take bookings. Your schedule will be worked out on a weekly or bi-weekly or monthly basis, as you prefer.

5) Just prior to your first gig, we will meet briefly for you to sign the contract and acknowledgement of the policies & procedures.

6) I will then attend your first gig with you, to ensure both that the client is vetted, that you understand how to enact our protocols to vet future clients, and that you are cleaning/ packing/ organizing to Tidy Whities' standards.

Q: How long does it take to start getting gigs?

A: This varies, of course. On average it takes 3 weeks from your photoshoot. Other factors come into play: whether or not your face is shown in your profile (customers tend to trust someone whose face they can see), your availability, how appealing customers find you (using whatever metric it is they assess appeal with), etc.

Tidy Whities offers no guarantees in relation to how often you are booked.

Promo Photoshoot

Q: Is the promo photoshoot absolutely necessary?

A: Yes. It ensures consistency with the brand, and how the Brief Boys present themselves is part of that brand. Selfies in front of a dirty mirror won't cut it.

Q: Am I paid for the photoshoot?

A: No. This is a free service provided by me, a professional photographer, that I commonly charge $200 for. It includes editing, which can take about an hour per photo, in addition to the time spent planning and doing the shoot. You can see my portfolio on IG @GoodJohn.Paul

Q: Where does this take place?

A: At my location in Washington Heights, near 196 & Broadway. Yes, it's a hike for some people.

Q: Can I see the photos?

A: Yes. Each contractor approves or denies each photo chosen for editing, after it's been edited. You will receive an individualized survey with multiple options for each photo, and must complete this before your profile can be completed. Here is an example of that survey:


Q: What information goes in my profile?

A: You will receive a profile survey in advance of your photoshoot. This details the information that will be in your profile.
You may see current Brief Boy profiles here.

Customers NEVER receive ANY of your personal information. Not your email, your phone #, your real name.

Contract and Policies & Procedures

Q: When do I get my contract, and Tidy Whities' policies & procedures?

A: You will receive an individualized independent contractor contract shortly after your photos are approved and your profile is up, as well as a copy of the policies & procedures. You do not need to print these items out, but you do need to familiarize yourself with the content. Physical copies will be provided to you in advance of your first gig, for you to sign. They will then be scanned and provided to you online.

Here are some notable items in your contract in no specific order:

  • If you damage items in a customer's home through malicious intent or by other means not covered by Tidy Whities' general liability insurance, you are responsible for those damages.

  • You agree to a non-solicitation clause. Meaning, if you utilize Tidy Whities' materials for personal financial gain (photos, etc) and/ or solicit Tidy Whities' customers for your individual service(s) outside of the purview and business dealings of Tidy Whities, you agree to be held liable for no less than two years of lost revenue from that customer as if that customer were a bi-weekly customer. In plain language this means you agree to pay no less than $6,000 per solicited customer, and to have this enforced by NYC Small Claims Court.

  • You agree to represent yourself and Tidy Whities in a clean, professional, and reasonably entertaining manner when with a customer.


Q: How does booking work?

A: Customers select which contractor(s) they would like and which service(s) they are seeking. Unless you explicitly inform Tidy Whities otherwise, all bookings occur with at least 24 hours notice. Tidy Whities is not responsible for how many gigs you do or do not get booked for, or their duration.

Q: By when do you need to know my availability?

A: Please inform Daddy ( of your availability for the 1-15th of the month by the 15th of the month prior, and for the 16-31st of the month by the 1st of that same month.


Q: How and when do I get paid?

A: Contractors are paid through PayPal, Venmo, or by check. Other arrangements can be made as necessary, but understand that complex financial interactions outside of Tidy Whities' usual payment structures are unlikely for those contractors completely new to working with Tidy Whities. Contractors are paid on a per-job basis, meaning they receive payment as soon as funds from the customer have cleared.

Independent Contractor Status

Q: What does it mean to be an independent contractor?

A: Contractors provide services through Tidy Whities, which provides operational support to contractors. Here are the main elements of being an independent contractor:

You set your own business hours via your availability.

You are not obligated to take a gig at any point. Your work with Tidy Whities is at-will (and vice versa).

You are paid on a per-job basis.

You utilize a 1099 tax form, meaning no taxes are taken out by Tidy Whities from your pay, but you must pay your own quarterly estimated taxes.

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